Launching Healthy Harvest

Our first non-profit partnership app is headed into production

I’m really proud of what TRACTOR Food & Farms and Tone Row built together.

TRACTOR Executive Director Dru Zucchino and I have been collaborating on creative projects since we were 14 years old. Now in our early thirties, we found an opportunity to collaborate on something- equally as creative- but that will help improve food ecosystems in Western North Carolina 🤯

I just patched up what I’m sure won’t be the last bug to creep into the machine, and while doing so I noticed that some of the food pantries had already begun entering the foods that work best for the people they serve. I immediately had a big grin on my face. This thing might actually work!

I’m really grateful that Dru conceived of and was willing to explore this app idea with me, and that TRACTOR was willing to invest the time and trust in Tone Row to design and build it.

It has already been an amazing learning experience, and I know there’s only more to learn as it heads into production. I can’t wait to get feedback from TRACTOR and the food pantries.

This is an awesome first partnership and I’m excited to see where it leads!

Read more about how the app works here