TRACTOR Food & Farms

TRACTOR Food & Farms operates food relief programs to help food insecure community members in Western North Carolina.

Together, Tone Row and TRACTOR designed & built an application to augment TRACTOR's distribution of locally-grown food to food pantries in the area.

Using the app, TRACTOR publishes their weekly inventory to participating food pantries. Then food pantries can respond with the current needs and preferences of the community members they serve. With that information, the app then becomes a tool to help TRACTOR create an optimal food packing strategy.

The goal is to get the right food to the right places to minimize food waste and maximize pantry efficacy.

This app is headed into production Summer 2021. Check back for more updates on how it's progressing.

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Photo by Dru Zucchino

Photo by Dru Zucchino